Foster Mom Shares Her Heart about Helping Create a New Smile

Foster care is an amazing experience. Some days are hard, but days like today make it all worth it. I’ve never seen him jump out of bed and so joyful than he was this morning- the thought of fixing his crooked and over-crowded teeth was way too exciting. I love to see how his confidence is growing from where he was a year ago at placement. But the coolest thing of all is how deep he is growing in his relationship with God. The other night when he was frustrated, he didn’t yell. He just asked if he could go pray about it. Wow. He’s a pretty cool kid and we’re so thankful God placed him and his sister in our lives. #considerfostercare #fostercareadoption #justsayyes And by the way, Palmetto Family Orthodontics in Greenville is amazing! They are hands down the friendliest, most amazing staff I’ve ever met! This was a sweet experience for all of us!

Pickens Foster Mom

PFO Ortho.jpg
Abby Crooks