Siblings Sets Shared: the next best thing to living together

If siblings can’t stay together (which is often the case since not many folks are ready to take on one much less 2-7 kids), the next best thing is for another family (or two) on our fostering team to take the other part of the sibling group. So many of our foster parents have shared siblings over the years, and it has made these kids’ time in foster care so much sweeter. They don’t have to wait on any monthly meeting at DSS to see each other. At our date nights, support group, and training events they can laugh and play together many times during the month. Many times foster families can share information they are learning from each child to better serve the children. Many of our foster parents also share respite so siblings can spend weekends together, or just plan special activities and sleepovers so they can spend quality time together on the weekends. The foster parents we serve go above and beyond sheltering kids, but even after kids go home foster parents often stay in touch.

The kids in the photo have all gone home after being in three different homes during their time in foster care, and they reunited at the park with their 3 foster Moms this August!

”Wow! What a great day of impromptu “last day of summer” celebrations with kids many of the kids we have fostered. So love the other foster parents God has crossed our path with over the last 2 1/2 years! Thankful so many have gone home, but also thankful we get to keep in touch with many of them! May God bless them all in their new school year! Fun beach and snow cone outing.” —
Oconee Foster Mom

siblings visit August 2019.JPG
Abby Crooks