More Than a Party

When you sponsor a birthday party you are creating normalcy for a child that has had very little of the joyous memories most would consider a “normal childhood.” You are creating memories of safety and peace between all the support systems a child in care has like biological parents, foster parents, guardians/case workers, siblings in other foster families, and extended family.

“Because of generous givers we can provide the children with special birthday parties. When our two celebrated their birthdays this year they were thrilled,  and told me they never had a decorated cake just for them for their birthday before.”

“We were involved in fostering 20 years ago and didn’t have the support that we have now. It is encouraging to have so many wanting to get involved and help make our job easier. Everything that Fostering Faithfully does has been a huge blessing to our family. All those people,churches and organizations that are involved "behind" the scenes are just as important as the ones of us that are fostering. All together we are the hands and feet of Jesus.”

-Martha Oconee Foster Parent

Abby Crooks