Date Nights Matter

Sometimes foster parents feel trapped. They can’t leave their many kids with one person, or their child with special needs with just anyone, or they don’t have a family member who supports their fostering journey willing to care for both biological and foster kids. These are just a few of the reasons why date nights out are an important part of what we do!  

“My husband and I treasure that Fostering Faithfully provides regular date nights.  We feel they help us have time to talk with no interruptions and really reconnect. I listen to Focus on the Family often.  They always say prioritizing date nights is important in your marriage. Fostering Faithfully takes all the work out of planning for a date.  They arrange all the people to watch our kids and feed them dinner. To me, arranging alternative child care by emailing and calling many people is the most stressful part of fostering when you need a break. Having all of the childcare arranged, allows my hubby and into easily have 3 hours to talk, have dinner and feel connect again without any hassle.  Many of the foster children know and love each other, so date night is a super fun time for them to see other kids and families involved in foster care and have fun. Date night is such a win - win for the parents and the kids. Thank you Fostering Faithfully for caring about our marriages and making dates with our spouses simple in the whirlwind world of fostering!

-Susan Seneca Foster Mom

Children feel more secure when their caregivers have a healthy relationship.  Not only do foster parents need a break to unwind, but this is another way they can feel “seen” and cared for to keep saying yes to DSS, even when they are tired physically and emotionally.  Date Night events are led by FF board members and volunteers and are a great opportunity to meet new people while serving foster families in a unique and impactful way. Come join our team or host a date night at your church!  

Abby Crooks