Birthday Sponsorships Build Family Relationships

Two families recently wrote to us to thank us for birthday sponsorships for their foster children and explain that they had a beautiful day celebrating their children.    Birthdays can be an opportune time to show a child in foster care that they are loved by so many different people who are all on the same team FOR them!  

One party consisted of a slumber party of all the biological children in foster care living in 4 different homes.

 The foster mother wrote:   "There are six people from the biological family coming to bowl and have pizza and cake, and the cost of being hospitable added up quickly.  I am so thankful to Fostering Faithfully for helping us make it possible to invite her family to join ours to celebrate her special day."  

Another foster mother wrote, " At our pizza party, we had my family, my sister's family,  a group home coordinator who brought biological siblings, our DSS case worker, the guardian ad litem on their case, and of course our foster child's parents! Whew. It was great to have all four siblings celebrating together!  Thanks again for all you do. It was very special to get everyone together for some fun and really gives a good example to the kids that we can all get along and care for each other."  

If you have supported Fostering Faithfully this year, you make these special celebrations possible! Thank you for your support!  If you or your group would like to help sponsor a foster child's birthday party consider a donation today:  

Abby Crooks