Date Nights: Always a hit for fostering families!

Sometimes the best thing we can do for fostering couples is just give them a break!  So, that's what we do!  Our last date night was a wild night at Walhalla Power Tumbling where we hosted about 50 kids at the gym, and about 10 babies at Upstate Children's Center. The kids had a blast running, rolling, jumping, zipping, and flipping, while fostering couples had time to talk in peace.  Fostering can take a toll on a marriage as extra appointments, conferences, therapies, tantrums, court dates, training meetings, case worker and guardian visits in the home, and just the monumental task of re-organizing your family periodically around a new member can put a marriage on the back burner of priorities.  However, a healthy marriage is the backbone of what makes a fostering family strong enough to take another placement, so Fostering Faithfully provides periodic date nights for couples to re-connect. 

Thank you to our donors and volunteers who make date nights possible!  Here are some comments from foster parents who came that night:

"Someone needs to hear our THANK YOU for putting together this date night.  We don't have family around, so getting babysitters for our large family often isn't feasible.  This was a HUGE gift to us!  I'm amazed at the volunteers who turned out to love on our kids, the dinner provided for them, and the quiet space for our littles. Y'all are the best!  Blessings and thanks!" Oconee Foster Parent

"Thank you for providing a safe place for our littles to go while we enjoyed a date night!" Pickens Foster Parent

" We are so thankful for our village! It's not easy getting a night out, and the more kids we add, the harder it is to find a babysitter. We appreciate this so much!"  Oconee Foster Parent

"Thank you so much for everyone that had a part in this!  Our girls kept talking about how much fun they had.  It means so much to have people who care and support our families like they do." Oconee Foster Parent

We believe as stated in this blog that building strong marriages, makes stronger foster families!

Abby Crooks