Letting Go and Saying No

On our private foster parent page, we talked about the shame and guilt of letting go of kids that were not a great fit for our family or that just didn’t work out recently. The foster parents we served shared some poignant responses I thought I’d share here, so maybe if your fretting about this part of fostering you can see some of their hearts and experiences.

Pickens Foster Parent:

Sometimes you will be a page, a chapter and sometimes you will be their ending. God uses us in many different ways. To all of you mommas who have had a disruption, please know that 2 of my forever sibling groups came from disrupted placements. I am forever grateful that their prior placements were obedient in their hardships, as I wouldn’t have them ❤️.”

Pickers Foster Parent:

”I love that we’re having this conversation! We had to move our very first sibling group and I battled guilt for a LONG time about it. Several weeks ago, I ran into those kids and the foster family they had been moved to- WHO HAD ADOPTED THEM! God let me see that HE IS THE ONE who is caring for each of these precious children. They belong to Him and He is even more interested in their care than I am! Seeing them happy and healthy was such a gift; I don’t take it for granted. He helped re-frame my guilt into gratitude for getting to be “a stepping stone” as someone put it. So much love and no condemnation for all of you!”

He really DOES have the whole word in his hands!

whole world 2.jpg
Abby Crooks