Foster Ministry and Unity in the Church

As Fostering Faithfully grows it is simply amazing to watch how God is working to unify and mobilize our faith community through this ministry.  It has brought us great joy to see so many church partners helping, and foster parents linking arms together from different faith families to work toward our goal of serving children better. I’m crazy about unity among Christ-followers.  Jesus emphasized the unity of the church (see John 17: 20-23/Romans 15: 5-6) as he knew it would be one of the main ways the world could experience his love.  The evidence of God’s love to the world is found in the service we can joyfully share, even in the very hard times, and through our great love for each other and our community. 

Let’s stay one mind and one voice (Romans 15) for the least of these!

“The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.” Thomas Stallkamp, former president of Chrysler.

everyone can do something there are no small parts.jpg
Abby Crooks