Three Hours after Licensing a Foster Parent Has a Baby

Foster parents don’t have a lot of time to get ready, so we stay ready!

Late last summer, within 3 hrs of receiving a text that we were licensed, a tiny 2 month old boy and his beautiful red-haired big sister arrived at our home.

Even with the amount of support we have, I went into panic mode! What was I thinking!?!

Several weeks in to being a foster family, we were introduced to the Fostering Faithfully “closet”. I was FLOORED.

I drove away with everything- from bottles, blankets, diapers, socks, a swing, clothes and baby soap!

Since then, FF has provided all kinds of things for our little ones.

But I think for me, even more than the diapers and shoes, is the sense that we are not ever alone in this crazy fostering journey.

Fostering Faithfully just GETS IT. Providing training (WITH CHILDCARE!!!), date nights, resources, answers to all manner of questions from DSS to lice to court hearings....these people just get it.

Fostering Faithfully,for us, means someone’s got our backs.

And for that we can’t say THANK YOU enough!

—Laura, Pickens County foster parent

Abby Crooks