Life Interrupted.

This foster mother shared her reflection on Mother's Day, and I thought I'd share it with you!

"When I left you today I was driving to Ingles and got emotional thinking about the first time I met Jeremy. You texted in a group message that foster parents volunteers were needed to sit with a very sick baby. I actually was supposed to go to a work Christmas party that night. I decided not to go to that party because I needed to be at GHS that night. I’m so thankful I received that text, and the Lord let my heart receive him. Gosh, Jeremy has blessed my family in immeasurable ways. Every single person who meets him is crazy about him, I can’t blame them! He’s precious. I never thought my love for my biological children could ever be equal to a child I didn’t birth! Boy, was I wrong!"

The rest of her story is certainly worth sharing! 

The part of the story she didn't mention is that she still said that yes, to show up at a hospital for that baby, when her first placement was literally falling apart. Her family was adjusting to fostering a very traumatized little girl, and her needs were more then their family could sustain long term. Not every foster placement is a beautiful fit. They don't all end like her second placement. She learned from that little girl and grew her heart for fostering, even in the hard places, to say yes to the next one that would be her son.

Next, what she didn't say that is worth saying is that she brought home that very fragile baby, even though she didn't have time to ask her husband since she could not get through to him while he was in church. What a shocker when he got home! Still, this couple is well on their way to adopting that little guy this summer. What a testimony to a father's love!

Fostering him, with so many medical needs and surgeries and fears, has taken much perseverance, but he has made an amazing comeback thanks to her family's devotion!

I know that you can do anything and no plan of yours can be thwarted. Job 42:2

Abby Crooks