God's in the details!

Even though God's word says, “even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid,” (Matthew 10:30-31) it is hard to really believe in your core that God cares about little details of life.  But, sometimes He makes it clear!  Check out this story from a brand new Oconee foster parent who visited the resource center for the first time when she said yes to her first placement:

When we said yes to our first placement, a 3 year old girl, we headed over to the Fostering Faithfully Resource Center to get what we needed.  We found clothes and other things she needed, but couldn’t find shoes in her size. But, a few minutes later the volunteer helping us pulled out a brand new pair of Converse tennis shoes in her size!  It was clear that God cared about the details, as everyone in our family has a pair! The little girl was thrilled that she could match her new family-for-a-season when we went out that weekend.  Our daughters delighted that their new sister also had a pair of Cons like theirs..  It may seem silly to consider that God revealed himself through a little of pair of Converse, but it just affirmed to me that God cares and He’s with us on this journey. 

-Oconee County Foster Mama

Abby Crooks